What people are saying about the course.

Thanks so much to Rob and the Producertech crew!

Crazy wow! I had no idea what to expect with this course, and how useful it would be to me. I'm a complete beginner, with no clue about audio really, just a love of music. I'm seriously amazed at how much I learned from this. It's helped me no end! Thanks again.

Top work Rob Jones

Congratulations on successfully managing to teach me how to DJ. I always wanted to learn, but didn't know how to start. I now feel quite confident. With some practice, I'll be good I think!

I definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn to DJ.

awesome DJ course!!

I was unsure whether to take this course but I made the right choice! It has been very useful and I have learned a lot from it. More than I thought! Rob is a very good teacher and good DJ and I found him easy to understand. But I hope my English is quite good! I also found the lesson on EQ very nice. I always wanted to know what EQ was doing to the sound. Thanks! 

you rock!!!!!

was blown away by this. LOVES it!! watched a lot from my iPhone when I could, and the rest at home. been using a mates decks to practice on, and am way better!!! gonna get some software like Traktor now I think.

This course is wicked!!

Thanks so much Producertech! I loved these lessons. I had no idea where to start working on improving my DJing and this has got me massively on my way! I was glad to see some setting up and cable info in there, cos I've always got lost when it comes to that. I can now not only setup the decks, but know how to use them n all!! BonuS!!

Bigups to Rob Jones!! Loving his work!! And the dudes in the scratching lesson! That one was sweet too!!

Word! You guys rule!

I've watched a lot of stuff on youtube and various tutorials here and there, but this was far and away the best I've seen. There's so much information in the lessons and it's so easy to understand and digest. I did need to watch it all a fair few times over though!

I thought this course would help me get the basics of djing so I could play at my buddy's house parties, and it's easily done that! I'm now thinking about taking it further, and even learning to produce maybe. The Producertech Ableton Live course looks really interesting. Anyway, thanks again for this.